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Job Skills


Living independently is everyone's dream...

Getting a job is an important milestone for most of us. For individuals with autism spectrum disorders, however, it is a milestone that is often not easily reached. Supported employment is an approach that can facilitate access to employment in typical work environments. Housing that is inclusive of like individuals to reduce the amount of social pressure and creates a safe environment under which to live and grow

Workforce “A” Program

How it works:

Through our fundraising activities we will provide stipend income to the participants in our program for 90 day externships in an attempt to demonstrate that they can work with little or no supervision and be an assets to any companies staffing and operational goals so they can live independently.

We will conduct site interviews at for-profit organizations that are ADA compliant, that have repetitive or artistic work environments that are conducive with our organizations participants and have a published code of conduct that does not discriminate against individuals with handicaps or learning disabilities. They must have supervisory oversight of the workforce we place with them and agree to our contractual Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) agreement.

  • Paid employment – Individuals in supported employment are paid the same wages and benefits as other employees performing similar work. Individuals are paid directly by their employer.

  • Integrated work environment – Individuals in supported employment work in jobs in typical work environments alongside co-workers without disabilities. Individuals have the opportunity to participate fully in the activities of the workplace along with other co-workers.

  • Housing – Individuals in supported employment may receive as much or as little support needed to successfully perform the job. Living Independently or in an environment where you challenge is the norm and not the exception increases the likelihood of leading a fulfilling life and the feeling of personal security and satisfaction...


Integrated work environment


Once an individual accepts a job, a plan for supports should be developed that will meet both the needs of the individual and the employer. Because supports are individualized, they can be customized to meet the unique social, communication and behavioral issues often faced by individuals with autism spectrum disorders.